DG Series – Shaft Mounted Helical Gearboxes

DG Series – Shaft Mounted Helical Gearboxes

DG series, shaft mounted gearboxes are specially designed for belt conveyors. Thanks to their rigid structure, they are suitable to operate reliably even in harshest conditions such as mines and quarries. DG series gearboxes are produced in twelve different sizes and offer easy mounting and flexible connection options.

DG series gearboxes are offered with or without motor. The gearboxes without motor are usually driven by belt-pulley systems. If needed, they are manufactured with back-stops to prevent back running of inclined conveyors.

Housing material is GG20 cast iron. Gears are produced from high quality, case hardened steel. Heat treatment process is applied to obtain 58-60 HRC surface hardness. The gears are precision ground to ensure a quiet and low vibration operation. Special oil seal options are available for dusty operation conditions.

Input Options:

  • Direct motor connection
  • Motor adapter for standard IEC B5 motors
  • Input flange

Output Options:

  • Hollow output shaft
  • Solid output shaft
  • Output flange (for DGM model)


Applications: Conveyors, Spiral Conveyors, Cranes, Mixing Units, Agitators

Industries: Mining, Construction, Metal Processing, Cement, Concrete Plants, Sand and Gravel Plants, Ceramics and Glass, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants


Specifications:                                                                Advantages:

Ratios: 1.2/1 –  90/1 Monoblock robust housing

12 different size options

Easy mounting

Long life bearings

High quality oil seals

Power: 1.1 – 90 kW
Nominal Torque: 450  – 20,000 Nm
Optional: Back-stop

Shrink disk


Gearbox Size DGM3-140 DGM3-160 DGM3-180 DGM3-200 DGM3-225 DGM3-250 DGM3-280 DGM3-320 DGM3-360 DGM3-400
Nominal Torque (N.m.) 500 750 1000 1600 2000 3000 4300 6000 8000 14000


Gearbox Size DG1-105 DG1-130 DG1-160 DG1-180 DG1-200 DG1-225 DG1-250 DG1-280 DG1-320 DG1-360
Nominal Torque (N.m.) 450 700 1200 1800 2500 3500 5000 7000 9000 12000



Gearbox Size DG2-140 DG2-160 DG2-180 DG2-200 DG2-225 DG2-250 DG2-280 DG2-320 DG2-360 DG2-400 DG2-450
Nominal Torque (N.m.) 500 700 1000 1600 2000 3000 4300 6400 8500 14000 20000



DG Series Gearbox Types:


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