Test of Dissan – DKS series at Russian OEM test stand

Test of Dissan – DKS series at Russian OEM test stand

In September 2020, we have passed the test of DKS series gearbox in Russian market as part of a project for one of the biggest Russian OEM company.


Dissan Reduktor has forty years of experience in production of gearboxes for wet cooling towers.  As result of many years’ experience, Dissan Reduktor offers a wide range of options for DKS series.

Dissan Reduktor is also highly flexible to accommodate customer specific requests such as changing the position of sensors or adding an additional sensor etc.


As a first step, the approval of the technical drawing was obtained from the client as a result of close cooperation between LLC IK Promprivod (part of Promprivod group) and Dissan Reduktor. During the production process, we have prepared the test program with the client. After the gearbox was ready and delivered to client site, LLC IK Promprivod team went to client production site for the test of the gearbox.

The test results were satisfactory on all technical parameters. The temperature of the mineral oil remained stable at 72 °C during the full load test. Vibration level was stabilized at 4.9 – 5.1 mm/s. Start/stop tests were successful.

Finally, the client has approved the use of this gearbox in its production of wet cooling towers.

Moreover, they will use the same DKS series gearboxes in their future projects.