DA / DK Series – Industrial Gear Units

DA / DK Series – Industrial Gear Units

DA series helical and DK series bevel-helical gearboxes are suitable for heavy duty industrial applications. They are designed to transmit high output torques in optimized dimensions. They enable wide range of ratios with single to quadruple reduction options.

Thanks to their rigid structure, they are suitable to operate safely even in harshest conditions. Housing material is GGG40 cast iron. Gears are produced from high quality, case hardened steel. Heat treatment process is applied to obtain 58-60 HRC surface hardness. The gears are precision ground to ensure a quiet and low vibration operation.

The gearboxes are available with hollow shaft or solid shaft. According to operating conditions, they are offered with optional accessories such as cooling systems, forced lubrication systems or oil expansion tanks. Back-stops, shrink discs and IEC B5 motor flanges are also available as optional accessorries. Special oil seal options are applied for dusty operation conditions.

Dişsan also offers complete solutions with motor, input coupling, gearbox and output coupling set on a steel base frame.


For extruder applications, special extruder type right or left output options are available.


Input Options:

  • Motor adapter for standard IEC B5 motors
  • Solid input shaft, without motor (right input, left input or double input shafts)

Output Options:

  • Hollow output shaft
  • Solid output shaft (single or double)
  • Output flange


Applications: Conveyors, Elevators, Mills, Cranes, Washing Units, Mixing Units, Extruders


Industries: Mining, Construction, Metal Processing, Cement, Concrete Plants, Sand and Gravel Plants, Ceramics and Glass, Plastics



Specifications:                                                                Advantages:

Ratios: 1.2/1 –  450/1 Monoblock robust housing

High efficiencies

Wide ratio options

High torque values

Easy mounting

Standart IEC B5 motor connections

Long life bearings

High quality oil seals



Power: 5.5 – 2000 kW
Nominal Torque: 1,800  – 300,000 Nm
Optional: Back-stop

Electromagnetic brake

Shrink disc

Cooling system

Forced lubrication

Expansion tank

Auxiliary drive

Special oil seals



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